08 August 2011

To See & Be Seen - Sunglasses & Essential Eyewear

This season, jetting back and forth between Montauk and Malibu has had the Gent on the move. The sun has been brutal this summer and the best way to beat the heat in the shade is with the right pair of sunglasses. They have become my essential, defining accessory from beach parties to club events, whether going incognito or being the center of attention.

The proper sunglasses both define your face and provide a sheltering respite to hide while seriously hung over. There are some men who pull this off so well. Lapo Elkann, pictured above and below, looks like the definition of the cool Italian jet-setter while stepping off of a yacht after a night of decadence.

The above 055 Orange LED model sunglasses are available from Lapo Elkann's Italia Independent.

Jason Statham looked fantastic as an assassin in "The Mechanic" as seen above, wearing his IC! Berlin "Kjell" tinted limited edition sunglasses, also pictured below.

The photo below is of the legendary actor Steve McQueen looking ready for action in his Persol sunglasses.

Below is another pair of Persol sunglasses, the Steve McQueen Signature Model, available here.

Above is the king of style himself, Tom Ford. He wears his sunglasses with an arrogant, firm jawed defiance that not many men can pull off convincingly. Below is a pair of chic 'Rodrigo' Tom Ford Sunglasses. These are available here.

Next is a great pair of vintage Gucci unisex sunglasses from PearlModern on Etsy. Available here.

Above is Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker, looking like the perfectly disheveled Englishman that he is and also one of the most stylish men in music.

Jarvis Cocker tends to favor customized Cutler and Gross glasses. Here are his favorite stock model 0894 frames, available here.

Below is another handsome pair of structured black frames from Cutler and Gross, Model 1033.

Above is a great still of Justin Theroux from the film "Mulholland Drive". Below is a clear image of the same Moscot Theroux frames that can be made either prescription, as sunglasses or as prescription sunglasses with varying tints.  Available at www.moscot.com.

Below is another great pair of glasses from Moscot, the "Mangito".

Above is a photo of the incredible local Brooklyn musician and actor Tunde Adebimpe, from the now major band TV on the Radio, performing live, wearing his signature glasses.

Below is a similar pair, the "Winston" from Warby Parker. www.warbyparker.com

In closing, below is a classic photo of Paul Newman, one of the most naturally stylish men to ever grace the silver screen.

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