23 June 2012

Getting Hot

The season's outrageous heat has begun. You can see it on the faces of the passers-by on the street, in the sweaty attire adhering to every human being not enclosed in a climate controlled zone, in the dizzying optical waves of heat rising from the blacktop in the noonday sun.

Great hats are a necessity in this unforgiving climate. With so many choices available, why settle for just one?

Above is a classic two tone Panama hat from Lanvin available at Barneys New York. The cream and grey are a perfect complement.

Above is a wonderful vintage Milano style woven hat by Julius Garfinckel and Company available from one of my favorite stores on Etsy - PearlModern. The perfect hat for leisurely rowing on Central Park Lake or sitting beachside at a resort as the waves roll in.

Above, Mr. Theophilus London in a fantastic summer ensemble including a brilliant camel colored hat.
Below is a great cotton hat from Lock & Co Hatters in an eye-catching grey, navy and red plaid. Available from Mr. Porter.

Above, the contrast fedora from Etro - Available here. A very tasteful combination of patterns shows true artistry.

Below, the Funk hat in grey caviar double face with elephant-grey shiny lambskin trim from Herm├Ęs. Simply elegant.

Below is a photograph of the inimitable Don Cheadle looking suave while beating the summer heat in a great straw hat.

Below, a great straw fedora by Albertus Swanepoel. Available from Barneys New York.

Below, the Singer Sargent hat from Worth and Worth, available here.


Below, a delightful ad from quality French hatmakers Mossant. Quite debonair. There was such a magic to old advertising posters that has been lost in the digital age.

A great woven flame pattern two tone Panama hat from Agnes B. This one really makes a statement without being vulgar or verging on the ridiculous.


The Woven Super Sport 750 from Worth and Worth. Available from Hatshop.com

Below, it was apparently too hot for Michael Fassbender. Here, he keeps cool with a great stingy brimmed hat.

Beneath is a photograph of a linen flat cap by Borsalino available at Harrods.  Classically understated European style that is perfect for reflecting those harsh sun rays.


halfwhiteboy said...

i'm absolutely clueless about all these types of hats, so thank you for educating me somehow. i do hope hats will be back in vogue, when people would no longer have to stare at you for wearing one.

thanks for following, by the way. followed you back.


Anonymous said...

love this kinds of hats for summer. I'm totally obsessed with Borsalino hats... :-)


Forever Fred Astaire by PJ Chabwera said...

Theophilus London has such incredible style and always looks impeccable in hats! Great post!


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